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(Paul's trip for SPIN living and working in Kibera, one of Africa's largest slums)

Kawangware Slum, Nairobi Kenya with
Kibera Slum

Bloodthirsty Safari

Little Rock School, Kibera

Interview with Ghetto Radio and Nairobi's DJ Rowbow*

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In the middle of yet another scandal involving African politicians who have literally stolen food from their own people -- causing riots where these same politicians ARM people to fight one another on their behalf -- DJ Rowbow at Nairobi's Ghetto Radio says: "This time, we will not be used by politicians to fight their battles. Let them fight in parliament. We will not raise a fist against one another on their behalf."

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Little Rock School

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Little Rock School, where Paul worked, is one of the only schools in Kenya that can help special needs kids.

Why not shoot $1 over to Little Rock's kids using the button below?

Does $1 count? Yes! (But feel free to give whatev.)
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